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Explore Dinosaurs Extinction, Mass Extinction and more!

Researchers studying fossilized bivalves discovered evidence of a one-two punch of cataclysmic climate change.

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The myth of the 'Cave of the Glowing Skulls’

An archaeologist dug through a publicity blitz to make an amazing find. A story of grave robbers. Ancient civilizations. Hidden treasure. Glowing skulls.

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Trail trees are a living Native American legacy

Native Americans bent trees to create trail markers, but while thousands of the trees remain today, it can be difficult to find one.

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7 titanic facts about 'The Titanosaur'

As the dinosaur goes on display in New York, here are a few reasons why the hefty herbivore is such a big deal.

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Lost civilization of 'sea people' may have sparked world war over 3,000 years ago

Could there have been a "World War Zero"? New archaeological evidence offers a compelling case.

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Stone circles that predate Stonehenge by 500 years align with sun, moon

Researchers prove that ancient Britons constructed the monuments with…

Nearly One Hundred 1,000-Year-Old Mysterious Manuscripts Discovered in Afghanistan

Evidence Accumulates for Ancient Transoceanic Voyages, Says Geographer

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Giant Siberian unicorn may have existed at the same time as humans, fossil find hints

Our ancestors could have come face to face with the mammoth-sized rhino in Kazakhstan.

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Artist uses foraged nature to create vivid, ephemeral wildlife portraits

Creating art from found organic materials allows Bridget Beth Collins to connect with the natural world.