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Calendar 1906 going to the zoo - Mart // March // Mars Description Physique: 1 calendar, 12 leaves : col. ill. ; 48 x 22 cm. Hoytema, Theodoor van, 1863-1917 ( illustrator ) Editeur: Tresling & Co. Date Éditée: 1906

Un poco di verde , anche per ricordare la festa di St.Patrick che avviene in questo mese di Marzo! Ecco la Birdhouse ... in verde . A bit of green also to remember St.Patrick's Day which will take place mid-March. Here is the Birdhouse of March .. in...

The Military Might Behind the Month of March: Mars wings up to Mount Olympus with his son, Romulus, in this painting by Jean-Baptiste Nattier

Air Canada enRoute – March / mars 2013 Chantilly and More Places to Play King of the Castle / Chantilly et autres endroits pleins de majesté

Air Canada enRoute — March / mars 2015

https://flic.kr/p/vkHHmd | Neue Grafik / New Graphic Design / Graphisme actuel, 5, März / March / Mars 1960

Air Canada enRoute – March / mars 2013 Canadian Hotel Spas / Spas d'hôtels canadiens

March : Ash Moon by Angie Latham Magickal History: This month was sacred to the Roman god Mars, hence the name March. Mars is similar to the Greek Ares, Tiu or Twaz of Central and Northern Europe, Teutates of the Celts, and Tyr of the Norse. The Roman goddess Bellona, goddess of war, had her special day during this month. March is generally a blustery month weather-wise. The old weather saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb" is an apt description of March weather.

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