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SURREALISM - Building Love | Canvas Print

Materials used for building to create this couple to building their relationship of love.

‘SURREALISM - The Enigma Of Breast Milk’ Canvas Print by surreal77

"The Enigma Of Breast Milk" - 2016. The Enigma/mystery of the forming of breast milk to supply food to babies.

SURREALISM - Fragile Head | Canvas Print

SURREALISM - Dali Intercourse | Canvas Print

"Dali Intercourse" Canvas Print This painting I created in 2003. Influenced from the master of Surrealism "Dali". The neck and shoulders is a double image of a penis. The head and hair is a double image of a vagina and it's blonde pubic hair. Now available in prints.

And I waited...and one day the guy I least expected walked back into my life, both of us now adults instead of the children we had been when we were first together, and he looked at me exactly that way. It has been worth the wait.

SURREALISM - The Melting Face | Canvas Print

A Surrealism canvas print of "The Melting Face" influence by Dali's melting clock.

SURREALISM - Lonely At The Beach | Canvas Print

This surrealism oil painting was created around the year 2001. Now available as prints.

SURREALISM - A Lady's Cancer | Canvas Print

This is about breast cancer, the vase being a woman's figure, and the ribbon of cancer under her breasts, flowers being a gift for sympathy.

SURREALISM - Breaking Through The Canvas | Canvas Print

A Surrrealism canvas print of when an Artist is struggling to create and come up with an idea to put on their canvas.