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Deep fried turkey - a little oil spillage despite Alton Brown's advice


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Alton Brown: Deep-Fried Turkey

from Martha Stewart

Deep-Fried Turkey

Papa Rellenas- Cuban dish-potato stuffed with seasoned ground beef then deep fried!! Recipe from Porto's Bakery- Glendale,Burbank & Downey

Shane's Deep Fried Turkey Holiday Recipe...I've never eaten a deep fried turkey but would love to try this one

Turkey Marinade Recipes For Injecting Turkey Before Deep Frying It

Fried Turkey Injection Recipe Ideas: Recipes for Deep Fried Turkey Marinades, with Injection

fried turkey | Fried Turkey Brine

Deep fried turkey injection recipe ideas and tips, along with marinades for deep fried turkey and how to inject a fried turkey with marinade.

Cooking a Deep Fried Turkey and Draining it