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from eBaum's World

Back In The Day Before Everything Was Ruined

Silly Putty and the funnies!

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Don't they still make these? A ton of these 90s things are also from my childhood -Megyn

from Pish Posh Etc.

80s/early 90s Toys, Part 1

Hmm I don't know what these are called, but I remember them! 80S And 90S Toys | 80s/early 90s Toys, Part 1 « Pish Posh Etc.

Prehistoric googling. This? It was HILARIOUS, until I realized I was old enough to know what it is. :'(

Candy cigaretts - tasted like chalk, but you thought you were cool 'smoking' them. There were also bubble gum ones wrapped in paper that gave a puff of fake smoke.

Jolt Cola (I think they still make this...makes me jittery just looking at it)

We had one of these in gifted class. Used to play with it all the time!

Backyard swing set. I was the only kid on the block with one. Everyone wanted to be my friend. It was green and white with no slide

Ha ha, there certainly are lots of icons that need to be retired. Floppy = save means what to a 9 year old? How about "radio button" - can you describe what that means. Bookmark? Voicemail? File folders? Great list of antiquated icons.