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6 Phrases More Important Than 'I Love You'

I always tell her how greatful I am that God chose me to mother her. Even though she can't understand& she just smiles while I poor my heart out to her, it's important to me that she KNOWS how much I love her and how friggin awesome and beautiful she is.

I said last year was going to be my year because my lucky number is 3 and for a very long time it sure the hell was my year. However, it didn't end the way I hoped and prayed. (in fact, completely opposite of) but hopefully this year will be my year.

Zeker weten..en maakt niet uit hoe het huis eruit ziet..of dat het geen huis is maar bv hutje op de hei ..met liefde(gevoelens) erin maak je het(samen) een thuis❤...L.Loe