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Don't live before the face of people, but before the face of God.

“I have fought against timidity and being bound by what others might say or think. I can testify that living a hidden life before God's face and putting my confidence in Him has freed me from being bound by fear of man and has given me boldness when once I was timid.” Becky (USA)

“It is heavy to live life trying to please people. We only need to live before Gods face, then life becomes simple.” Kris (Canada)

“It’s so easy to become proud when you’re trying to help people because you can almost put yourself on a pedestal and say, ‘I’m older than them,’ or, ‘I’m better than them.’ But it should be the complete opposite. ‘They’re better than me,’ and, ‘I want to help them!’ This isn’t how our minds naturally work, but that’s how it should be. That’s something that’s really been working in me; that I can help people in humility.” Matthew (USA)

Don't give up! Continue to fight for people in prayer. You are never praying for someone in vain!

The prayers of righteous people are very powerful! Are you waging a battle in your prayer life?

Think that we too can have this incredible power in our lives!