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Explore Obamacare Health, Uninsured and more!

For all the hard working people just trying to take care of yourselves and your families so you don't become a BURDEN to SOCIETY...Obama calls you all sorry excuses for Americans who cling to your religion and guns. Unless you're Muslim and then he calls you FAMILY.

Via Renowned economist, Dave Ramsey, warns about the true ‘math’ of Obamacare and how it will directly affect you. Ramsey shares that no matter your political stance, you are not e...


Choosing a Plan Under the Affordable Care Act

You'll be faced with many options when you start to shop for health insurance at your state's Marketplace. Follow these steps to help you pick a plan that best meets your needs

from The Hive

Matt Kapp on Health-Care Profiteering

Fascists are buying our government. Most of who they buy don't have a clue as to what the real end is for these Nazis...