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Spring fever taking in a minute to enjoy the flowers and giving him a job if watering them! Such a small job but means the world to him!! Rewarded with a special treat!!! My little man is such a soft hearted handsome caring boy! I know that he will be raised right and that he knows respect and what's it's like to work hard!! He sees me and his dad both work in 2 completely different ways! Dads a police officer and risk his life daily to help protect and serve others and me I work hard…

53 No-Junk Candy Recipes | Does Easter feel like Halloween's Spring cousin to you too? Just when we get rid of all that orange and black junk, we find the same junk six months later -- this time cloaked in happy pastel bunnies and tulips. There's no reason we should have to deprive anyone of sweets, especially during special holidays. Here are 53 candy recipes that contain zero junk -- no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors.

Spring treat! I wonder if this is too much for a fun class gift - or maybe a birthday party favor??????? so cute!

Wish that special young lady in your life Happy Easter by sending her the GiftsBeyond.com 'Cool Chick' Easter Gift Basket specially designed for girls ages 10-13. A Painted Wooden Chic Modern Easter Basket is filled with special gifts including a plush bunny, 10 iTunes Gift Card, Diva Girl Mad Libs, Pom Pom Shooter Pen plus traditional Easter treats including a Milk Chocolate Bunny in a Gift Box, Corso's Spring Themed Cookie, Easter Chick Peeps and more. This is the perfect 'cool' Easter ...

Want a super-adorable, easy-to-make Easter snack? Look no further than these pretzel bunnies and ducks – only a few ingredients will transform these pretzels into a festive treat! For the pretzel ducks: yellow Meckens chocolate pretzels orange decorating gel black decorating gel Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes at a really low [...]

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