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Honey Bee mattters. Besides being cute, honey bees play a vital role in our environment and life. Google to find out how.

Plant Butterfly milkweed! (Asclepias tuberosa) It shows off orange blossoms from late spring throughout the entire summer. The beautiful flowers provide nectar to all types of insect pollinators and more importantly the entire plant is a host for monarch butterflies. Its native range is the southern and eastern United States. I have these planted in my yard and the butterflies love it! -Ali. C

AwesomeAnnuals: Blue and white Salvia-attracts butterflies, supports honeybees,long bloom period

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Herbal Remedies Tips and Links

I walk in my gardens on a July evening, admiring the lush green that abounds in midsummer. The bee balm is chest high and near blooming, the lavender, catnip, and oregano are in full flower; the sage, rosemary, thyme, and basil are growing tender new leaves almost daily; and the peppermint and lemon balm are spreading prodigiously.

Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae, with approximately 700–900 species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals. It is one of several genera commonly referred to as sage. The genus is distributed throughout the Old World and the Americas, with three distinct regions of diversity: Central and South America (approx. 500 species); Central Asia and Mediterranean (250 species); Eastern Asia (90 species).

Fern Leaf Peony - I love the ants on the opening bud. They are attracted to the nectar and will leave when the flower is fully open. Contrary to an old myth, ants are not required for the plant to bloom.

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Encourage Children to Enjoy Plants and Gardening

Little girl planting pansies at the beginning of spring

peonies - my favorite! Get this honestly from my grandmother :-) 18.07.13: This is exactly the shape/texture and colour that I want lots & lots of. more this clolour than the whites and creams.Lisa

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