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Chantal Denis on

Chantal Denis on Twitter: "“@OnIyHistory: The Rat Pack” j'aurais bien aimé voir une de leur soirée à Vegas....."

5 Things About The Rat Pack You Probably Didn't Know! Saw this in a link this morning ~ oh, do I remember these men! The impact they made in their chosen fields and on the world in general is amazing!!!

Gonna try to make a replica of the dress for Peyton for Halloween! <3 She's gonna be shirley temple! <3 <3

I had this when I was a very little girl. I got my first record (no kid's records for me! My father "didn't believe in them") when I was two years old. No one believes me, but it's true. I asked for "Godspell" and my father took me to buy it. My father and my sister and my brother-in-law taught me to love music : Vinyl record holder.