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Explore Orleans 1815, Orleans 8 and more!

View Image - Map of British Frontal Attack at New Orleans, 8 January 1815. (Library of Congress)

British uniforms - The Battle of New Orleans December 1814 - January 8, 1815

View Image - Map of the Battle of New Orleans showing the various commanders and their units. Note the five British guns at right, as opposed to the eight US guns at left. (LC)

View Image - General Jackson doffs his hat at right as his forces fire into the British Army at left at the final Battle of New Orleans. (Library of Congress)

Map of New Orleans and Adjacent Country. John Melish, PUBLISHED JUST AFTER THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS, SAME YEAR. 1815.

Battle of New Orleans British landing map

THNOC - Sketch of the Position of the British and American Forces during the Operations against New Orleans from the 23 Dec. 1814 to the 8th Jany. 1815

View Image - A good frontal view Map of the Battle of New Orleans, showing six British artillery pieces at lower center, as well as all major commanders and their units. Note, too, how Jackson placed his line anchored by the river and swamp on either end, thus effectively denying the British Army use of one of its longtime favorite battlefield tactics: The "turning" of one of the enemy's flanks and then the subsequent roll up of his entire line. (LC)

British Light Infantry Companies at the Battle of New Orleans, War of 1812