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Roses are red violets are blue. It's called the sea of monsters not Percy Jackson two. The last movie sucked, it was not at all right, reread the books u idiots, and bring knowledge to light. :) p.s. I have met bread smarter than "someone" :)

Kind of want these to be real but at the same time know I would die instantly if I met decisions
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Godlike creatures in a collection.

from 9GAG

Continuity is important.

I think they meant "4th grade" as in "a long time" Like "I've wanted this video game since 1889!!" Obviously, that isn't plausible. So I think that's what they meant

Even if you're not a Death Note fan, look up "L's monster speech" on YouTube. It gives me the chills everytime I listen to it or watch it...

Love this because Thor only just met Bruce and found out he turns into the Hulk; everyone who knows Bruce sees him as a monster but Thor doesn't. He knows Bruce is somewhere in there, that the Hulk is just a mindless beast.This is how he treats Loki,everyone sees him as evil, Thor is the only one who doesn't. I hate it when people say Thor is just muscle/looks; he's so much more. He’s the only one who gives the ‘monsters’ a chance to redeem themselves. <-- Pinning for this.