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COQUI aka FRISCO - A1095739 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 12/4/2016 *NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY* A volunteer writes: Frisco seems like a shy guy in his kennel. I show him the leash. He looks at me like asking: ” Are you talking to me ? Do you want me, really me?” Yes, I see nobody else sharing your den…. “OK, then. I am coming with you…”. FrIsco is leashed in no time. Wow…Frisco..You are in need of TLC, big time… You

I feel like people shouldn't be saying anything bad or horrible anyway. They are people who deserve respect...

I kinda get the impression the Ewan McGregor intends to drop enough rumors of an Obi-Wan movie that eventually the studio will have no choice but to make one. Like, he basically is going to show up at the studio one day in full costume with a handful of friends, possibly even a script in his hands, and just say 'hey, we're ready to film, let's get to work!' while a studio exec just stands there with a very confused look on their face.

Silly wizarding world, they banned useful things like that because it's muggle's invention. Tsk tsk tsk

He looks like such a great hugger. His hugs look fantastic. Honestly I need a hug right now like not just from him like pls I just want a hug.

What a liberal loser. I could spend the rest of my life without watching a movie with Will Smith in it. And when are all these liberal celebrities who said they would leave America, if Trump won, going to start packing? If you don't want to live under America's laws, you need to find a country where you like their laws.

Dedication doesn't have an off-season. Commitment doesn't sway with the weather. If you want it, you'll compete every day for it.

Humanism and real solutions are what we all need

You don't need to go after anything. Everything you want is coming to you. Abraham