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I need to find me a man like Harry Styles. A guy who treats his mom like Gods heaven sent angel is a man I want in my life❤

I want to see what gems are normally this size! Like oh my gawed! I need this like I need air.

Propagating blueberries...she goes into great detail about planting blueberries, with info such as how blueberries like acidic soil (she makes a compost of wood chips to address that). She is planting in Idahom so some variables may be differen than the Caribbean, but just like she said , she needs her blueberries and wanted 50 trees. I'm down with that

Oooo i need it. Plus i want Will's backstory and what he did while the seven were out almost getting killed. Like what' his mum like, what beads are on his necklace, what's his day to day life helping at the infirmary, is he an all year rounder?

Kylo Life<<< Alright it's not like I needed my heart

Kylo Life<<< Alright it's not like I needed my heart

My monthly spread for January Just need to fill in birthdays and tasks for the month. Also, unsure as to what I can use those lines boxes for at the bottom? *HELP* When I started Bullet Journalling I thought that I wanted a pretty, artistic journal but have now realised I like minimalism too much and now have some much simpler spreads 〰


Creative Circle Design Team Project - Lift Me Up - created by Sandy Mott

Sherlock: Well,you’re a doctor.Examine me John: No, I need a second opinion Sherlock:Oh,John,calm down. When have you ever managed two opinions?You’d fall over John: I need the one person who – unlike me – learned to see through your bullshit long ago Sherlock: Who’s that, then? I’m sure I would have noticed John: The last person you’d think of. John: I want you to be examined by Molly Hooper John:D’you hear me? I said Molly Hooper Sherlock:You’re really not gonna like this "The Lying…