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Rule of Thirds: The woman dancing is the main focus of the image. She is intentionally positioned on the one-third line of the image. This gives the picture a more dynamic appearance than if she were posed in the center of the photograph.

from Fubiz Media

Tree Landscapes

And as we think how all He is and has, how He Himself is our very own, how He is Himself our life, we feel assured that we have but to ask, and He will be delighted to take us up into closer fellowship with Himself, and teach us to pray even as He prays.(Andrew Murray) LINES HOPE

from BuzzFeed

16 Brilliant Artists And Their Animal Muses

"I'm an anarchist, yes. Because I'm alive. Life is a provocation.... I'm against people in power and what that imposes upon them. Anglo-Saxons have to learn what anarchism is. For them, it's violence. A cat knows what anarchy is. Ask a cat. A cat understands. They're against discipline and authority. A dog is trained to obey. Cats can't be. Cats bring on chaos." HOPE