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How to Start Your Own Sacred Circle Anchored by Birthing Ourselves into Being >>> + JOIN US +

The Twelve Tenets of Circle Work > > > “The Circle is everyday ceremony: the invention of our most ancient Godmothers, who upon witnessing the myriad ways nature exalted this humble shape, claimed it as the spiritual center of their communities. Held by the simple rituals of opening & completion, honoring & appreciation, the Circle acts as a vehicle for both storytelling & transcending our stories. In Circle, we are conversing with the divine.” ~ Baraka Elihu.

Goddess Rising | Global Sisterhood & Mystery School. Creating Transformation, Healing & Empowerment by Celebrating & Embodying Wild Sacred Women


We naturally created a circle and started sharing as women have done for centuries. Here we are in Los Angeles, in my living room, creating that sacred circle with an ease and grace that is beyond each of us alone. — Carrie-Anne Moss Photos by Denise Andrade-Kroon. #CarrieAnneMoss #AnnapurnaLiving #CreateWhatYouCrave