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Samoyed :) My parents had Sam before I was born and I remember riding on his back like a horse!

Gone to the Snow Dogs - Siberian Husky - All About our Dogs. SHELBY xx

I would love to make a smaller scale version of this in our backyard for our dogs & rescues. :)

If your dog itches and scratches, you need to do something before the situation gets worse. This homemade itchy dog spray is just one of the natural remedies you will find on our site. First try this easy homemade itchy dog spray from Dogs naturally magazine. It will stop the itching and scratching in no time. Also check out this DIY all natural anti-flea dog shampoo recipe. It helps keep those nasty fleas away from your pet. Source :

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What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You? Amazing Stuff!

These foods might be good for humans but not all are safe for your dog to eat.

Basenji (5) Pros: very loyal and calm, doesn't shed, very clean (licks itself like a cat and has no odor), active and sturdy, very intelligent. They don't bark, they yodel. Cons: can be aloof, may escape easily (this dog can climb fences), requires a firm hand in training (may outsmart you if you're not careful!)

10 Adventure-Loving Dogs (& Their Owners) to Follow on Instagram | Design*Sponge

I would totally be OK with this if my husband wanted to make his/our dog the ring barer (barrier?) at our wedding :)

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Looks just like our dog Lola who is a Shepherd/Wolf hybrid. ❤