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1963 The Swimming pool in the basement of this building (University of London Union)

Persona 4 Yosuke Funny | Persona 4 the Animation Yosuke... XD. Yu coming in with a total poker face

NTAs - Benedict Cumberbatch wins Best Detective - Congrats

lol Haruko he's all like "hang on a sec I'm just going to get into this aquarium" and Makoto and Nagisa are trying to stop him

Every dog in the existence of dogs does this. You know. Where they come up to you and put their head in your lap and give you this look? They learned it from the elephants.

It's just... Why is coulson wearing a suit in the pool>>>> cuz he's Coulson duhh!! I really should stop sharing this boy shirtless, but just look at him. Wish I had a body like his.