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I Dont Know why it hurts so much. Maybe I was falling for him. I shouldn't have. I feel like I got hit with a bullet. My heart is heavy and everything hurts. I hate it all and a part of me knew this was going to happen, to ever believe someone would actually care for me. A mistake. I should know better. I should get used to being alone.

When necessary, just say you're "sorry" and it'll bring you peace . . . you don't know what you're missing from someone you've mistaken or hurt, and there could be a true friendship waiting to blossom . . . or respect from an acquaintance, worker, anyone . . . life is too short to have regrets or miss good opportunities because your ego gets in the way.

Go ahead, underestimate me. #strength #redbandsociety WED | FOX Red Band Society

Mental Illnesses & neuro-biochemical disorders we fight & try to control every day. We don't want pity--we ask for moments of understanding & compassion. We use therapy, trial-and-error medication "cocktails, " & every available tool yet suffer days where we are simply overwhelmed by life. ~ kira sunbird

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Anxiety and the Missing Boundary

God said the "meek shall inherit the earth"...not the crap takers.

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And there are bullied of all ages...

Go Rick>> yes! Seriously? The book is not based of the movie and is way better than those movies combined

It would suck for you to admit the truth wouldn't it. He's ore than just a narc BTW. he's lying to everyone. EVERYONE, including you, dear sweet enablers....

A mistake, is underestimating my courage, if you only looked in my eyes you could have seen my heart flames. I will only bow to truth and honor, for all else it's best not to motivate me to display what I hold within. The light is bright, strength is swift, but defeat has never been an option. Yes, I hold that within, for I fear if it is ever loosed.