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No one enjoys thinking about the fact that they need life insurance, but from an insurance standpoint–it’s the only insurance you are GUARANTEED to use in the event of a claim. So now that we have an understanding of our mortality, let’s not make a huge mistake and buy the wrong type of life insurance.

When it comes to your business, Social Media is an important piece of the puzzle.There are a lot of creatives out there who are on social media not understanding what content their audience is craving, so they post and do all the wrong things. Shall we dig deeper? Here are five mistakes creatives are making with on social media. #SocialMedia #SmallBiz #Creatives #Blog

Dear prayer warriors please pray for me - Dear prayer warriors please pray for me That my loved ones should come back to me in powerful Jesus name God please touch him with your holy hands Tell him that what he is doing was really wrong Not even telling me the reason he said to start a new life I dont know what happened suddenly He talked very rashly to me I cant understand his problem He is not even sharing with his frnds You know that I have not done any mistake Please help me Please…

Well, if you and your business don’t have enough resources then don’t worry. You can hire one later just after receiving a tax audit notice from the IRS. There are two parts to payroll tax: the taxes that are taken out of an employee’s paycheck, and the tax paid by the employer.

Obastard....lover of michael, serviced occasionally by Kerry would have lost in a landslide!

Quote Of The Day: February 28, 2015

QOTD Feb. 28, 2015 - Because if you have done something wrong and you’ve made a mistake and somebody makes you ashamed of it and guilty, you run around licking the sores of your wounded ego because you feel your pride has been hurt. The first thing to understand is that it is not a serious failing in a human being to make mistakes. Everybody has to make mistakes. There is no way out of it. You can’t learn anything unless you make mistakes. — Alan Watts #quote #quoteoftheday #quotes #qotd…

Javert isn't a dishonest man, but he can be cruel. When he does make a mistake, he critically bashes himself. When he first accused the Mayor of being Valjean, even though he was, he came back and asked for his punishment because he shouldn't have judged a man too early

Anxiety and the Missing Boundary

God said the "meek shall inherit the earth"...not the crap takers.

Lies, Deceit & Betrayals or Choosing Well

Your lies & leading me on have destroyed all the happy memories I once had of you. I feel like everything was a lie I was a sucker to