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How Apple Is Invading Our Bodies

Apple Watch Cover "The Apple Watch represents a redrawing of the map that locates technology in one place and our bodies in another."

Just created Apple Watch app that works with Drinkable iOS app and also Drinkable website to let you know the quality of the water at your location! #opendatacy #disruptcyprus #crowdhackathon #ios10 #watchos #api #water #macbook #applewatch

Ultra-cool Apple in Cupertino California has a clear and stated goal, and if the hysterical reaction to the iPhone 6 launch this week is any indication, their goal will be easily accomplished. What is their goal, you ask? Click to find out. #AppleWatch #WearableTechnology

Top AppleWatch APPs via the GraphicJungle Pinterest board: ••SKIN•• by ModiFace • on time for 2015-04-24 Fri launch ; ) • features: scan any body skin part w/ iPhone, preview in Watch to evaluate skin health: dryness / flakiness / redness etc • incl. impact parameters such as weather / location • skin-care recommendations • $0


The Real Reason Apple Made the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has become a booming phenomenon in the past few years because of its easy portability and ability to combine multiple electronic devices into one, tiny watch. Not only does it tell time but you can also text, make calls, and navigate your way to any location. -Leah Schwallie