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Mr Blue. The only blonde and white pit I've ever seen with Cleopatra eyeliner and blue eyes. Best. Dog. Ever. And most beautiful.

SHAE - A1097595 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/30/16 **ON PUBLIC LIST** A volunteer writes: She’s beautiful, she’s talented and she can dance up a storm like no other gal in town…say hello to Miss Shae, superstar in training! This caramel-coated cutie announces herself with a happy tail-against-the-wall beat long before I see her smiling face and her wigglebutt dance is beyond compare, except perhaps to a dashboard hula doll. Shae loves to

11/17/16-HOUSTON-Hi my name is Essie! I love to relax and hang out with my foster family on the couch (but I need help up with my short legs). I'm an affectionate girl and will follow my foster dad around the house to keep him company. When I'm resting I like to be in my kennel and will go in there all by myself without a single peep! Since I'm a lady I know to do my business outside. I don't don't mind being pampered with a spa bath or a manicure - I'm just loving my new life!!

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Believe it or not,this is a pitbull. Look at that coloration on that body, WOW! But! Is it for real or not?

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Woman Recalls Saving Pit Bull The Day Of His Scheduled Euthanization

So much cuteness in one photo!

***** A Pit Bull Is ***** Affectionate - Athletic - Courageous - Energetic - Friendly - Humorous - Intelligent - Loyal - Loving - Noble - Playful - Strong Repin this if you agree

All pits deserve to be loved like this!

All pits deserve to be loved like this!