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Mr Blue. The only blonde and white pit I've ever seen with Cleopatra eyeliner and blue eyes. Best. Dog. Ever. And most beautiful.

It's introduction day! Here's a couple things about me now it's your turn! 1) I am a full time student at mycc. 2) I have 2dogs pit bull and a boxer bully mix. 3) i love God and family and spend every weekend with both. 4) favorite place I've been is Colorado it's so beautiful! Now tell me about you! #art #artist #Columbus #Ohio #osu #woodlife #projectlife #ohioartist #ohiowoodworking #ohiostate #shortnorth #woodwork #woodworking #america #flag #beard #guyswithbeards #beardstuff #ohioart…

Bully Rehab : Villalobos Rescue Center. Some of the sweetest animals I've ever known have been pit bull mixes. Love them!

from the Pinups for Pitbulls calendar ... Brought to you in part by ~ affordable custom pet memorials since 2001

Make a difference for these dogs they need to ve loved most pitbulls are sweeter than most chihuahuas people make pitbulls this way! Punish the deed not the breed!!

Bully Breed Breakdown--Gonna bring this to my next city council meeting. There are plenty of Boxers and Boston Terriers in town!

Happy Friday! I don't think you understand how happy I am that it's Friday! The weekends are my time to create! I have a few new followers so I decided to join in on #fridayintroductions ! 1. I'm Tiffany and this is baby Diego. He thinks he is about 5 pounds when he is really about 500. He is my 2 year old bully that only knows how to give hugs and smooches. 2. I'm a lover of red wine learning and creating. My favorite thing to learn in my blogging journey has been photography. 3. I get…