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Mr Blue. The only blonde and white pit I've ever seen with Cleopatra eyeliner and blue eyes. Best. Dog. Ever. And most beautiful.


The Most Vicious Pit Bull I’ve Ever Seen

Comical animals pictures – 5 pics He looks so sweet. Goof ball.

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Woman Recalls Saving Pit Bull The Day Of His Scheduled Euthanization

So much cuteness in one photo!

In loving memory of the millions of dogs and cats murdered in the United States…

***** A Pit Bull Is ***** Affectionate - Athletic - Courageous - Energetic - Friendly - Humorous - Intelligent - Loyal - Loving - Noble - Playful - Strong Repin this if you agree

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What is Bullying?

Interesting information and facts on adult bullying. I'm sure a lot of us have come across this once.

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Passionately. More

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Misconception of the Breeds

C'mon people...get your bully breeds right! When I walk Lucy, my American bulldog, people always ask if she's a pitty. No. No she is not.