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Culture and Civilisation questions: a whole school year activity

Engage your students in this year-long activity: at the end of each lesson, give them a question as a homework. This question will be corrected at the beginning of the next lesson. Easy, isn't it?With these questions, you will be able to give them cultural basics about the English speaking world, in different fields: history, geography (capitals), the UK, the USA, literature and music.The .zip file contains 6 pdf (one for each category).

Martin luther king jr. elementary activity unit: march for change

Martin Luther King Jr. Unit: Reading, Writing and thinking activities with more substance that will push your students to talk and think past those key facts they need to memorize. Lots of hands-on activities that encourage good discussion.

13 Colonies Geography Activity Set - Geography of Colonial

This blog post has a list of websites for teachers to use when teaching the Battle of Gettysburg.

Martin Luther King Punctuation and Capitalization; Where do the sentences end?

Provide your students with capitalization and punctuation practice with these no-prep differentiated editing and writing practice sheets. Each page has one, two, or three sentences with missing capitals and punctuation. Your students’ job is to figure out where the sentences end, edit the sentences, and then rewrite them with correct capitalization and punctuation, as well as neat handwriting. The pages together tell the story of Martin Luther King’s life and work.

20th Century to Present (MASSIVE Resource Bundle) American and World History

20th Century to Present (MASSIVE Resource Bundle) American and World History - This is a massive bundle that encompasses the 20th Century (1900's) to present! This resource is useful for teaching either American History or World History and totals 126 unique resources and totals over 1300 pages of content!

5 FAMOUS AMERICANS UNIT BUNDLE: Lincoln, M. L. King, Anthony, Robinson, Keller

Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B. Anthony, Jackie Robinson, Helen Keller Units with biography booklets, question sheets, timelines, venn diagrams, projects, study cards, activities, interactive notebook activities, and assessments

Stephen F. Austin - Texas History

Stephen F. Austin - This flip book is a great supplemental resource to use when teaching Texas History! #texas

JAMESTOWN: Getting Started In Virginia 1607 -1624

JAMESTOWN: Getting Started In Virginia 1607 -1624. Create a real trashpit with your students and excavate artifcacts for project based learning!


Teach your students all about Texas history with this huge bundle of activities. This Texas Bundle includes social studies, reading, math, and more!