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PSYCHOLOGY: Personality Revision Sheet

An excellent product which covers 33 important concepts in Personality Psychology! This revision sheet works great preparing students for the exams. The answer key is also provided so that you can just print and go!!Check out more quality, ready-to-use resources:More from Resources GaloreFollow me on:PinterestCLICK on the green FOLLOW ME button and be the first to know when new resources become available!Thank you for visiting my…

PSYCHOLOGY: Personality Bundle

MASSIVE SAVINGS!!!! SAVE BY PURCHASING THIS BUNDLE!This resource is a comprehensive set of power-point slides, worksheets, activities and revision handouts - all related to the teaching of Personality Psychology to high school/senior high school/college students.

This activity has two purposes: i) to increase the concentration level and engagement of students in learning and ii) to familiarize the concepts r...

Psychology: Personality -Film Analysis 'Shine'

This product enables students to apply different theories to David's personality after they watch the film "Shine" and to describe his personality development. Students are to apply Freud's theory and any one of humanistic, behavioural and type theories of personality to David's character.

Sociology of Crime & Deviance: Reporting of Crime

Here is a product which provides various scenarios related to crime to examine students' perceptions about whether these crimes would be reported to police or not. This is followed by a critical question which might instigate a lively discussion in class!Check out more quality, ready-to-use resources:More from Resources GaloreFollow me on:PinterestThank you for visiting my store!*****************************************************************************CUSTOMER TIPS:Dont Forget to collect…

Sociology of Family: Key Terms & Definitions Worksheet with Answers

This is a comprehensive activity aimed at teaching, revising and consolidating the key concepts and their definitions related to Sociology of Family unit. The worksheet can be printed and distributed to students either to work in class or at home. The answer sheet for the worksheet is also provided to facilitate self or peer-marking.

Psychology History & Approaches: Task cards

This resource covers all the important concepts in the history of psychology and psychological approaches. There are 26 task cards with answers. It is a great tool for classwork or revision for the exam.This can also be used as a class quiz when the answers are covered before projecting them to students.

Sentences, Phrases & Clauses

This resource first describes the main types of sentences, clauses and phrases with examples.Then three different worksheets are provided with answers for students to learn and master their skills in the usage of English language. This product includes following ppt slides: - Types of sentences (simple, compound and complex) - Types of Clauses - main and dependent clauses, noun, adverb and adjective clauses and worksheets on identifying the following: - Types of sentences - Types of ...

Psychology: Research Portfolio: Intelligence

This is a research task spread over four lessons on a particular type of intelligence or related topics. Students tend to be fully engaged in the t...