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starswithin: Barbunzel :) (about the name: barba means beard in Spanish) Happy Beard Day to all you bearded people! I suspect most of my followers have one! Hahaha! This is something I did a while back, but it seemed very appropriate for the occasion xP


Okay this is amazing. It's funny because this is what they actually call themselves too! Hahah <<< other featured songs: loki and khan performing "do you want to build a snowman?" (cryotube and frost giant remix)


Noooooo!!! Someone actually said this, "doctor who funny pictures" I could seriously kill this person. WHO ARE YOU? This. Is. Sherlock. You blithering idiot.<----Sherlock Fandom are you okay?

well how about that? funnily enough, seb almost changed his name to Christopher but mama stan convinced him not to omg << oh hell yea, if he had changed it then this would have been even better like holy crap seb is amazin