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Thanks to Dance...- or walk . Te other day I was walking around with new boot for an hour and a half took the boots off a realized my feet coverd in blood!! Thanks to dance I can ignore ALL foot pain lol!

from The Crazy Tourist

Breathtakingly Beautiful Pictures of France

Le Château de Chenonceau in the Loire Valle, France - How Romantic

Karen Kain and Rex Harrington, (of the National Ballet of Canada) were not only two of the world's best dancers, in terms of balletic technique; but two of the world`s best, in terms of emotive and sensitive acting. They were so convincing and moving as a couple!! ~js

The wolves were here long before us. We've hunted their natural sources of food because we can, not because we should. Yet, we blame them when farm animals are killed. Should we really be surprised when we are the ones guilty of their plight. Wake up, mankind, for God NEVER gave us permission to decimate!

from Redbook

26 Hot Summer Date Ideas

Holy Rollers can do it too! ♿❤

I'm loving this picture! SO cool!!! - Dayna (LA)

I would LOVE to do a shoot like this myself at the beach. was a dance model for a photographer doing shots like this before and it was one of the best things I've done!

‘Maybe that is why young people make success. They don’t know enough #omagles

Essa é a arte de viver em tal mundo cruel e escuro, mas aprender a brilhar e pulsar por meio dela. ✨ A R T E b r a s i l