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There's much more to the culinary fabric of a place than just restaurants. Every year, cooks and chefs publish cookbooks that tell stories about the foods, the ingredients, the people and the recipes that matter to them. This year, we've seen cookbooks that share everything from chef-driven recipes to family-favourite comfort foods, and all of the bits and bites in between. One thing they all have in common is their desire to showcase the Canadian ingredients and techniques that make up our…

A cookbook literary agent's advice on how to write recipes that stand out from the millions of recipes available online, so that you get even more readers and attract attention from top agents and media!

Executive Chef RUFUS ESTES, the first African American chef to publish a cookbook. It contained 22 chapters and 591 recipes, but they were unlike the lengthy, detailed recipes found in contemporary cookbooks. Instead, Estes gave a few specific measurements and techniques in single paragraphs.

Anthropologie EU The Nordic Cookbook. Explore the rich culinary offerings of the Nordic region, with over 700 recipes collected by acclaimed Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson.

Vegan Caesar Dressing

Luckily my brother, a talented professional chef, allowed me to publish his vegan caesar dressing recipe. And I must admit, it’s rather awesome!