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so is music really controlling me or am i addressing my life style to a previous resemblance only to say that everybody is somewhat a copycat of growing,living, or dying as a coincidence?

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm n gaiety to life and to everything.

band sayings and jokes | Marching Band Tumblr Marching band problems.

Marching Band Problems another pinner wrote: Anyone who has ever worn a band uniform, especially in the North, knows this is the truth! At least you could usually get a couple layers of clothing on underneath.

I tried marching band during the summer... I played the French Horn that looked like a giant trumpet. I just couldn't so I quit because I almost died.

"I want to play drums." That's right little boy you do. You want to take these drums right now off of my dead zombie walking body and play them so I can lay down and get run over by a slow moving float.

I actually laughed out loud at this!! But you have to play clarinet to get it.

I actually laughed out loud at this! But you have to play clarinet to get it. <--- A friend of mine plays clarinet, I play sax. But I just find this funny!

As a former band student, I used to play Flute [i still do but just at home], I had three section leaders since we were the biggest woodwind section, one of them is nice but tired a lot, one is between nice and funny and tired, and the other one was plain on mean, so ya and my friend threw up on the mean one and my friend straight up told me "well she's a bitch so she deserves it" I died laughing

I can agree as section leader for a year, and drum major for two, this is the truth!

Omg that is soooo cool!!! It's the inside of a string instrument!!!! As a cello player, this is pretty cool:)

Photographs taken from the inside of musical instruments, making them look like large and spacious rooms - the inside of a Cello. What if we were to design a room with skylights shaped so the room appeared to be the inside of an instrument.

My high school band director says thd first two lines.  I still live by them.

My high school band director used to say thd first two lines. <<< our band director is an ex-marine and if you're late you run for awhile.