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Hey, my name is Anna and i'm My birthday is December I like watching youtube videos all day long, play with my dogs and just enjoy life. I really hope you'll like my blog and feel free to ask me anything because i'm always here for my lovely followers.

Card by design team member Rebecca Keppel featuring Summer Vibes and My Favorite Things Dies

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to lay back on my back in the pool/ocean and look at the sky. It is the most trusting and relaxing thing ever.

This might sound weird, but I’ll just say it anyway: I really love pineapples. I don’t know why, honestly, I just do. Maybe it’s because pineapples have a tropical, beachy vibe to them that reminds me of Caribbean islands, warm summer days, and time spent by the ocean (my favorite things!). Or maybe it’s because those fruits, with their prickly skin and pointy leaves, are really freakin’ adorable in a way I can’t even explain because it sounds odd. I DON’T KNOW GUYS.

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