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from CNN

Millennials did not elect Trump -

The simple truth is if more people voted, Trump wouldn't be president. Millennials who clearly saw the danger of Trump could of easily stopped his election if only more of them had showed up to the polls. But that is true for every other group as well but especially true for millennials, the large majority of them rightfully against Trump.

from Vimeo

Republic of You "The Bowerbird"

derpastrology: THIS ONE WAS EDITED IN A HURRY Oh and to all you people who think I make these comics… I only edit them and translate them from Vietnamese! I’m reblogging my own post nobody can stop me (plus when I posted this I had like 100 followers so most of you guys haven’t seen this)

the people at the top hate melanin so much that they find all types of biological medication against us. My people be careful when you go to their doctors and hospitals.....