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I am not so sure which bridge this is but it looks beautiful at night with all the lights on. I really like the light effect of the cars passing by. It makes the bridge look like a busy place to be at.

English civil engineer Sir Donald Bailey invented the Bailey bridge, a wood and steel bridge small and light enough to be carried in trucks and lifted into place by hand, yet strong enough to carry tanks. Field Marshal Montgomery is recorded as saying that without the Bailey bridge, we would not have won the war

The prequel to her novel, The Bridge, shedding light on the love story behind the bookstore and how it came to be a place of hope and encouragement.

Everyone wants to be a glowing bride, but there’s a line between being "glowy'" and looking like Kesha in a music video. "Avoid illuminating foundation and instead add highlighter to places that you can control. Swipe it along the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose. It’s super flattering and catches the light in a really great way.” -Fiona Stiles, celebrity makeup artist

Rain of Gold || Lluvia de Oro (Ponte Santa Trìnita Firenze). "No estoy obligado a ganar pero sí a ser honesto. No estoy obligado a tener éxito pero sí a vivir a la altura de la luz que tengo." Abraham Lincoln. Esta foto fue fruto de la improvisación y la rápida respuesta a un evento inesperado. Después de abortar la foto desde ese mismo puente hacia el Ponte Vecchio ya que la lluvia y el viento me estaban empapando y la situación no mejoraba decidí buscar refugio hasta que lloviera menos y…

When you walk along the canals of Hangzhou at night you never know when you will be spirited away to a fantasy world. As the hanging tendrils of the willow trees part you might find yourself looking at a place sketched in colorful lights—as if someone outlined the world with a magic pen and doodled these traditional daytime shops and houses into existence—creating bridges that look like they are made of pure magic. #fantasy #magic #travel

Light at the end of the tunnel - K3v1n5 - ...or to be precise under the bridge over Beldon Burn at Baybridge near Blanchland in Northumberland. The burn flows into Derwent Reservoir thereafter becoming the River Derwent which marks the bounda... http://ift.tt/2c9Eu89 IFtemppicpinned in Building blocksdownld in ios #September 9 2016 at 08:35AM#via IF I love the reflection in the water, Blanchland is such a lovely place!

The wrongful hanging for murder of an innocent man has lead many to believe this bridge is haunted. Many people in Knoxville believed this man to be innocent but he was convicted due to other illegal activities and hanged from the 3rd street light on the bridge. This was before there was electricity. Before he died, he shouted "If I am innocent, there will always be a sign on this bridge that you people shed innocent blood". For many years after his hanging, the light on the bridge would…

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