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Absolutely loving this new style I'm trying. What do y'all think? :3 -reposting because it's messing up

:( plz adopt quick say the one u want by saying 1. Fluttershy, 2. Pinkiepie, 3. Twilight sparkle,4. Rainbowdash, 5. The crying one, or 6. Applejack

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I'm Not Dead Yet - Monty Python Quote Vinyl Decal

Guess what?! Still alive and well!! Don't worry, cause I knew you were worried ( I think ). I'm still alive, just not much inspiration... AT ALL.

I think this is absolutely adorable! ... But one flaw: Twilight lived in Canterlot for most of her life; she and Rainbow didn't know each other for more then one or two years, and according to the Equestria Girls movie, they're in high school. This means that they would have only met as teenagers.