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Rockville's Richard Montgomery High School serves grades 9-12 in the Montgomery County Public Schools district. It is among the few public high schools in Maryland to receive a distinguished GreatSchools Rating of 8 out of 10.

It will take lots of magical thinking to solve these math riddles and puzzles. Excellent for enrichment. $

This Math Project Design Task requires students to work in groups to plan a school celebration. Students must work within a budget while considering; The number of food stalls and the cost, number of rides/activities and the cost and the layout of the event. Included; student instructions, planning table and presentation table. © Tales From Miss D

This group of 10 worksheets are great for multiplication practice. Students create number sentences by looking at the picture groups. Each page contains multiple items in the form of pictures and the multiplication sentence: _ groups of _ = _. Numbers range from 1-20. © Tales From Miss D

This Number Bingo game is a fun way for students to read and recognise numbers 1-20. The activity can be played in small groups or as a whole class. There are 20 student bingo boards, which have different number combinations on each. There is also a teacher page to be printed to call the numbers. Bingo boards can be laminated. Either counters or whiteboard markers will label the selected numbers. © Tales From Miss D

These Math Minute pages are a great warm up and extension activity. Each page contains 10 problems for students to solve as quickly as they can. Numbers range from 0-100 and include a combination of number and word problems. © Tales From Miss D

This Adding Numbers to 20 Activity allows students to transition from counting objects to understanding the concept of number. Included; 1) Example problem showing how to use the Addition Board 2) Blank, printable Addition Board 3) A series of Addition Problems Cards e.g. '3 + 3' 4) Answer Cards e.g. '6' © Tales From Miss D

These Rounding Numbers Posters are useful visual reminders for students. Includes two versions; round down and stays the same. © Tales From Miss D

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