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Lake Tahoe

Snowing in the Sunshine... What??? Heavenly has the best snow making on the West Coast - No Snow? We'll make our own! 14 miles of trails open and more coming soon!

Feeling cold yet? It's going to be a cold few days warming up a little by the end of the week. This shot of Collins Bonnet covered in a nice blanket of snow was sent in by Phil Kitt Photography if you have your own snow pics make sure to tag us!

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21 Best Pics Of All Time Of The Week #100

Winter weddings make for some of the most unbelievable photo ops. From the fresh white snow to the bare tree branches, heading outdoors to take at least a few wedding pics is certainly worth enduring the cold weather! And if you're worried about keeping warm, consider making a truly classic fashion statement with a vintage or faux fur wrap or shawl, which is the perfect accessory to bundle up on the big day!

Lulu and her dog Bingo wake up to a snow-covered yard and decide to have the best snow day ever. They make penguin tracks and taste the frosting-like snow. But the snow is deep and cold, and when Lulu tries to build a fort or make a snowball, her mittens are too wet and snow falls down the back of her neck. This is not the day she planned. And then Lulu remembers that she is Ladybug Girl and Ladybug Girl can do anything!

Play in the snow: Build a snowman. Go ice skating. SLED! Make snow angels. Ski. If you're forced to live in a snowy climate, make the best of it. I don't like being cold, but the workout you get from playing in the snow generally tends to make the frosty feeling go away. Don't forget to have a nice, cozy blanket and super thick, homemade hot chocolate waiting for you when you get back in.

from Chicago North Shore High School Senior Fashion Photographer

Let it snow!

I love having snowy shots. The problem is that I can't MAKE it snow.I have found myself camera-less while it dreamily snows and the perfect shots pass me by.This weekend I was doing a styled session with Ella louvi.I knew that I wanted to incorporate snow somehow.Of course, it snowed the day…


10 best romantic winter getaways

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