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Lake Tahoe

Snowing in the Sunshine... What??? Heavenly has the best snow making on the West Coast - No Snow? We'll make our own! 14 miles of trails open and more coming soon!

Aw yeah, snow angels! :D one of the many things people like me in the middle if nowhere can do in winter. (I love snow so much~)

How to build an igloo

Have you ever wanted to build an igloo? Well this instructable is just for you! For the first thing is your gonna want to have ALOT of snow and make sure its compatible. An easy way to test if it is or not is to make a snowball and see if it stays together well or even try making a snowman. 

This little Cardinal sitting on a snowy fence would make a beautiful Christmas card. That pop of red against the greys, whites, and blacks is striking.

Wow. if someone could figure out a way to make Labs not shed, and stay the size of a puppy FOREVER, I would buy a litter full of the puppies. OBSESSED.

They're impawsible not to laugh at.

New England. Returning from our walk. Heading back to that lovely log fire and that bowl of soup awaiting us in the slow cooker.