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Two World War II Battle Ships Discovered Off North Carolina

A sonar image of the German U-boat U-576, which was sent to the bottom of the Atlantic by U.S. Naval forces after attacking a guarded merchant convoy on July 15, 1942. The site of this shipwreck, the grave of 45 German crewmen,

The American Merchant Mariners' Memorial sculpture, located in the Hudson River west of the park, is sited on a stone breakwater just south of Pier A and connected to the pier by a dock. It was designed by the sculptor Marisol Escobar and dedicated on 8 October 1991. The bronze sculpture depicts four merchant seamen with their sinking vessel after it had been attacked by a U-boat during World War II. One of the seamen is in the water, and is covered by the sea with each high tide.

Assembling A Convoy A remarkable drawing by Frank H Mason. Specially drawn for Hutchinson's Pictoral History of the War

Punkah Louver | by lil-m-moses I had one of the rooms that hadn't really been remodeled yet, so all my air was supplied through these wacky bubble vent things. Signs around the ship said they're called Punkah (the brand) Louvers. (on-board Queen Mary)

The concrete ship ran ashore in 1942 and has survived several attempts to sink it. just outside of Trondheim in Norway.

Bernstein acquired the C4 standard freighter BADGER MARINE in 1957 and was rebuilt into a passenger cargo ship renamed ATLANTIC and followed the pattern set by the Holland America Line’s STATENDAM, RYNDAM and MAASDAM by devoting over 85% of the interior space to tourist class

How Psychology Solved The Mystery Of A Lost Shipwreck

The Australian warship HMAS Sydney is anchored in Sydney Harbor in this undated photograph. The ship sank in November 1941 after a battle with a German vessel. Despite extensive search efforts, the boats were not found until 2008.

Ginga - The trip cruise ship Ginga ran aground off Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan. Due to navigation mistake and hit by the current, the cruise ship ran aground on rocky shoals on 1 nautical mile off Suo-Oshima Town shores. The duty officers on board of the ship Ginga All the passengers and crew members were rescued without any serious injuries. The local authorities and coast guard started salvage operations to tug the vessel and refloat it, but the hull is broken and there is water…

Should shipwrecks be left alone?

BBC News - Should shipwrecks be left alone? Graf Spee, Montevideo, 1939 Site: Graf Spee Date of loss: 17 December 1939 (scuttled by Germans off coast of Uruguay) Lives lost: None Discovered: Site was always known but wreck first explored in 2004 Artefacts: One of the ship's main guns, a rangefinder as well as a 2m (6ft) bronze eagle have been recovered from the deep.