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I love Regina making the face we've all made with a family member when trying to pretend we are not imagining lighting their hair on fire

imagine Phil having cake batter on his face and drunk Dan licks it off wHY AM I SAYING THSES THINGS DEAR GOD

Fandoms are like drugs. ^^^This is why Dan is not on fire...he gets us. There's even a dalek on his bedside table.

I like how Phil gets continuously more surprised while Dan gets more and more sarcastic<<How are they getting whiter?

Now just imagine if there was a Fire Emblem show on Cartoon Network in this style. With this kind of joke.

This is actually how I imagined Katniss's interview dress in my head. // this. Is. Awesome.

There goes a girl with a pretty ocean in her eyes. The other day she kissed the sky while walking on by the moon. She raised her hands, fallen slowly these eyes that know her father never left her behind. Standing in the skies below her the city is on fire. Who knows the secrets of the human heart and where it leads.