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Austin Kleon created a blog post that has been shared in the creative community for over a year. Now comes an expansion of his lecture and article. No matter your passion or profession, there is wonderful insight here for where creativity comes from and how to master an elusive process.

You will never look at the process of making a decision the same way. Ever. Read this before your buy your next house or car. Knowledge is supposed to be power, but I realize no matter what I think I know, in reality we are only marketing pawns. Really interesting stuff.

I really enjoyed this look into the post-depression life of the well-heeled New York social circles. It was crisply written.

Make sure your video sends your audience the right message. Are you kicking your brand idenity to the curb or reminding the audince why they want to pay attention? A quick reminder on why "Brand" matters.

I never really understood why the word "short" is in the title. At times it feels more like a Russian novel in its length and breadth. Bryson is great, but I still have yet to finish this. I read it when I cant sleep, if you know what I mean.