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All You need to know about GST As all of you know that yesterday night the Rajya Sabha passed a bill to amend the Constitution to facilitate the rollout of the historic GST amid government's assurance that the tax rates would be kept "as low as possible". The Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill 2014 was approved by the Upper House with 203 votes in favour and none against after a seven-hour debate during which a rare bonhomie was witnessed among the ruling and the opposition parties. Six…

The Van Buren Sisters: In 1916, America was about to enter intoWorld War I. At the time, both 24 year old Augusta and 22 year old Adeline Van Buren, or Gussie and Addie as they were known, were in their 20s, active in the national Preparedness Movement and wanted to prove that women could ride as well as men and were able to serve as military dispatch riders freeing up men for other tasks. They also hoped to remove one of the primary arguments for denying women the right to vote. For their…

Here’s how your chequebook will fare next year via www.GlobalNews.ca featuring www.RentSeeker.ca

It's the best when I look back and realize certain people have come into my life for a reason - they're a gift I am so blessed to have received. Now they are joining me on my team to help others on their journey to health and wealth. So rewarding and fulfilling #passionwarriors #amynicolewellness.com #healthisyourwealth #anewway #bestbizintheworld

This Bro Loves Denny's Marketing So Much That He Rallied to Get Him Hired

Got trust? Like milk is to healthy bones, trust is to healthy professional relationships. And without milk, your bones can become weak, and without trust, the foundation of your career can crumble.

Easy and elegant. Chocolate dipped Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips are perfect for a party, as a gift or for a special treat all to yourself.

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