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Please.. Please... Please Repin!!Adoption is not funny, Its a beautiful way to form a family. If you are dealing with a unplanned pregnancy and thinking about placing your baby for adoption, please check out our profile. Please Repin and share with others

TO BE DESTROYED 12/18/13 Brklyn Ctr P EMINEM A0986679 Male br brindle & white pit mix 1 YEAR 6 MTHS STRAY on 12/05/2013 Sits quietly and patiently. He seems very house trained. VERY SWEET!! Knows some commands.Very attentive and stays right at your side when walked on a harness. Loves to be pet and is very affectionate - loves to give long-lasting hugs! A gentle, well-behaved boy...he's sort of an under-the-radar kind of guy, but notice him and you'll strike gold!!

TO BE DESTROYED WED 1/15/14- Brooklyn Center KELLY - A0988762 FEMALE, BL BRINDLE, PIT BULL MIX, 2 yrs STRAY - STRAY WAIT Volunteer says: AMAZING!! There is something puppy-like about her. She wiggles her little nubby tail when you approach her cage but is sort of slow to get up, it's so cute. She seems to have some housetraining and knows "sit." She's really loving and playful and just has a gentle nature about her. To boot she is GORGEOUS, really a stunningly beautiful dog.

Hi my name is Plongee and I live in Africa. I have become an American soldier's friend and I would like to come live in the beautiful United States of America that he so bravely protects from piracy at this port in the horn of Africa. Chipping in a dollar for me is easy. Go to www.thepuppyrescuemission.org or www.facebook.com/puppyrescuemission. Thank you for helping me come home with my soldier or to his family!

8/23/16 No Kill Fort Worth - Tux is not doing so well with his family gone. Owner passed away and his siblings have found new homes. He is a very sweet, loving dog, is sort of a special needs dog. Weighs about 55 - 60 lbs. Let us know if interested. Please share for Tux. He thanks you. https://www.facebook.com/nokillfortworth/photos/a.679514908754434.1073741864.152060968166500/1170524472986806/?type=3&theater

SAFE 05/05/13 Brooklyn Center - CHRISTINE A0962962. Female tan and white pit bull mix about 3 YRS old.Found wandering w/ some sort of ID, no one ever came for her. She was friendly, allowed all handling and was found to be in overall good health. But being healthy or being good won’t buy her more time and Christine’s on tomorrow morning’s euthanasia list. SHARE NOW https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=600684833277733=a.275017085844511.78596.152876678058553=3

"LIKE IT" to "WIN IT" - Sort of...but better. Purple Pride Collection GIVEAWAY!!! We are PASSIONATE about supporting our local team, The Ravens! You may not be local, you may not be a Ravens fan, that's ok! Go support your local team and ENTER anyway. These colors are amazing! HAVE FUN! How to Play: Read our post on our Facebook page for the rules.

Why Adult Cats Make Great Adoption Pets: Stop in on our facebook page & see all the available cats! Each has their own albums of PURR-sonality! https://www.facebook.com/homewardboundcatrescue

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