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This is a blog of inspiration and curated items featured in our Orlando shop & online at Cloak & Dapper is a modern vision of the classic general store, specializing in American-made men's clothing, grooming goods, & artisan provisions.

A Lifestyle Inspiration Blog menswear and things that I like. About meTexas southerner who's made Baltimore City his home.Fashion consultant for J.S. Edwards LTD & menswear enthusiast.IG: Derrick_Charles_

Kim. From the frost-bitten center of the map(Minneapolis). A mixture of words and pictures. Some are my own, some I just like an awful lot. I have great affinities towards cameras/photography,...

Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (29 photos)

Plaid shirts are commonly worn by people of all genders. However, they're still seen as masculine markers. This is evidenced by how, if a person wearing a plaid shirt is thought to be a woman, they are presumed to be a butch lesbian.