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Summer Time by The Code


Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Coconut Lavender Lemonade - Delicious for summer time in the sun. People love it! Looks cool and tastes cool!

from Laura Trevey

Weekend Roundup

I am looking forward to summer due to the new adventures im going to encounter and how i am starting cegep next year whihc makes it a new begining. Also i am planning on going on many road trips with friends and making money from my job for my future.

Summer Time Record, A picture of the characters from a Heat Haze song. This song is so beautiful. (Story Spoils--) I always wondered what was up with Konoha looking like part Haruka but with the eye pattern still on his cheek. My theory was that he was just remembering being Haruka, and is actually still Konoha, and trying to remember the others after they left. And then he talks about how he will keep drawing pictures of them so he won't forget, but his memory is dangerously slipping.

from Travel + Leisure

Best Day Hikes in Grand Teton National Park Near Jackson Hole

Part of what makes the Teton Range so visually arresting—the youngest mountains in the Rockies soar skyward 7,000 feet without so much as a foothill to temper their rise—is what makes them challenging to hike. Trails here are often steep, but know that the effort is worth it for the views, which most likely include some resident wildlife—moose, elk, black bears—as well as craggy, snow-capped peaks. Also, not all of the park’s trails are out to punish you—there are mellow-ish ones, too.

from Notey

Funnel Cake Cupcakes

A Collection of the Best Cupcakes Blogs. Get the Top Stories on Cupcakes in your inbox

from Etsy

Tribal Southwestern Aztec Scarf Spring Summer Women Accessory Gift For Her Woman Fashion Holiday Perfect Gifts Ideas For Her

summer time★ OMG YESSSSS!!!!!

from 99TravelTips

The 7 Most Inspiring Natural Sceneries

FacebookTwitterPinterest The waterfall “Kirkjufellsfoss” and Mt. Kirkjufell in Grundarfjordur, west Iceland Sunrise, Tulum, Mexico Looks like off our old bulkhead. Beautiful and sad all at the same time. Autumn Forest, Pennsylvania Hikone, Japan Landscape Photography by Jose Ramos Midnight scenery   FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponGoogle+

It's ice lollies with gummy bears!!!! very easy to do, looks good, and most importantly perfect for summer time ^^

Toe splashing. Watermelon drinking. Summertime fun. | Source: WATERMELONEEEEEEEE YUMNESSSSS GOODNESSSSSSSS ahhh summer days full of juicy fruits and dancing and swimming in the sea