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الشيخ وجدي غنيم: التجنيد الإجباري في الجيش المصري حرام شرعا ولم يحدث في ...

Here's a handy fyi for Trump supporters. The election results are still unofficial. The electoral college has not voted. It's not over yet.

from Activate Learning | Leaders in K-8 Science Curriculum

FREE Download: Scientific Explanations - Claim, Evidence, Reasoning

Download a free Scientific Explanations (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) poster, suitable for printing for your classroom. If You Only Concentrate on One New Strategy, Make it CER Every science teacher understands the value of students being able to explain phenomena, not simply to define vocabulary words or to answer questions that require them to show what they have memorized. But teaching students to construct explanations is challenging. IQWST makes the process easier by supporting t...

alien powers: too advanced for normal humans to understand

Take heart, Hufflepuffs! Eddie Redmayne is here for you...btw I am Hufflepuff too ! And proud !

Writing a scientific explanation using the claim, evidence, and reasoning framework! This helps my students so much. They love the visual and having an example makes it easier to understand.

yes i relate to evan peters in the new season of ahs bc i too, like art, have a desire to murder everyone i know, and am slightly gay

Lorilyn Calaramo - Google+ Wanted to post this again, I LOVE it so!