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Valentino Collection Spring 2015 Couture ~The Cut #GownItOn

The Most Over-The-Top Wedding (That's Not A Wedding At All)

Valentino Collection Spring 2015 Couture ~The Cut . Were the bust material is attached to the dress is wider than the actual bust

Valentino Haute Couture...

¿ Vuelven los estampados

Valentino Haute Couture - black and white maxi dress style. Cruella Deville would be most envious!

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Fotos de Detalles

wink-smile-pout: Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2013 Details by phamdiep.

Nora Blackbird's favorite party dress---Valentino from the 1980s. Check out the dresses in the 3rd Blackbird Sisters mystery, SOME LIKE IT LETHAL: http://www.amazon.com/Some-Lethal-Blackbird-Sisters-Mysteries/dp/045121174X/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_c

yasmeen ghauri in Valentino ~Black-and-White and white and white fashions and white women's fashions and white couture and black couture