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Rare collection of very old mixed green stone beads incl nephrite, serpentine & bloodstone - a type of green jasper.

Pendant in the form of a knotted dragon, Eastern Zhou dynasty (770–256 B.C.), 3rd century China Jade (Nephrite)

Victorian Multi-Stone, Gold Pendant The double-sided pendant features navette-shaped coral, amethyst, carnelian, rose quartz, sodalite, chalcedony, rhodonite, serpentine, nephrite jade, jasper and rhodochrosite cabochons, set in 18k gold, with central locket chamber on the reverse.

Marie Zimmerman. Ring of gold, enamel, diamonds, lapis lazuli and jadeite, nephrite or serpentine. Circa 1900.

Mixed age stone beads including serpentine, nephrite jade & granite - well worn, mostly Islamic world in origin.

Jadeite. The English term "jade" is used to translate the Chinese word yu, which in fact refers to a number of minerals including nephrite, jadeite, serpentine and bowenite, while jade refers only to nephrite and jadeite.