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The Lifelong Friendship Of Robin Williams And Christopher Reeve

The Lifelong Friendship Of Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve - Did you know they both went to Juilliard together . . . Back in the day?

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6 Perfect Smoky Eye Looks for Your Eye Shape

I don't consider what I hold a grudge. What I think is if I try more than once to ignore rude people and it gets to the point where I want nothing to do with them because of who they portray... I remember all of the rude things it's not a grudge it's facts and evidence of why I can't have anything to do with people who are rude and self absorbed.


Having Fun With Fluency! Part 2

"Said" is Dead - You might notice that your readers may start to point out other types of punctuation now that you've made them aware of it. Great! Work on quotation marks next, and ask students to change their voice to sound like the characters. Linking this lesson back to tracking the moods in the story may be helpful. Just switch out moods with character traits and evidence. You may also want to draw attention to certain words in the text that describe the way in which the characters…

I sit back & observe every person in my life. I know who's two-faced & has talked about me behind my back - & I also know who has been honest with me & loyal. If I keep a distance from you, guess which one you are?

I love this quote. It's so true -- some people I can't remember a word they said to me but the way they made me feel loved-- and isn't that what we're here to do <3