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Explore Uploaded 605, 598 Photos and more! | 307/365. Brussels sprouts, you try and make them look great. | 227/365. Cherries, the last handpicked of the season from countrystore Landwinkel en Schenkerij De Kersenhut in Cothen. | 202/365. Serving exotic fruits in our little garden. Passion fruit and rambutan, also mangistan. We will enjoy it on this lovely day. Styling Jolanda. | 304/365. Doushie, we rescued from a puppy farm is 3 years with us next month. She'll be 10 years old very soon! | 153/365. Fancy a soup! Nice weather to do the preparations in the garden. | 195/365. Bbq in our little garden. Spare rib anyone? – Adam. (And there was Eve.) | 174/365. Some fresh strawberries as dessert from our litle garden. Have to pick some mint to finish it. | 220/365. Went to a zoo specializes in apes and monkeys. Apenheul. In many places the little monkeys were just among the people. (Actually, as in the society is the case) | 144/365. Pork tenderloin on Pentecost or Whit Sunday. I'm religious concerning food.