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No gym? No problem. Certified trainer and fitness fanatic Andia Winslow proves you can get fit just about anywhere. Her video, which recently went viral, features exercises performed in a New York

The Worst Fitness Advice Trainers Give Clients

Trainer Confessions: 5 Exercises That Don’t Do What You Think They Do

There’s no such thing as “lower abs”—anatomically, your rectus abdominus (that’s the six-pack muscle) is one long muscle, so if you’re working it, you’re working the whole thing

Instructor Secrets to Burn More Calories in Spin Class

These days, it seems like it's not enough to just have a gym membership. Every week, there's a new studio fitness trend in town, often in boutique-style indoor cycling form. And while these cycling

10 Health Benefits Of Spinning

Spinning is a hugely popular cycling based exercise class. Keep reading to learn all about its health benefits... See more about health benefits and spinning. I love Spinning! I have a little bike at home, I spin for 45 mins and travel approx 20 miles :