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A little advice on B&W versus Color from #KellyOKeefePhotography on her latest #Hairstylist Photoshoot... BW = clean, classic, focusing on subject rather than surroundings. If the background is distracting often turning an image to BW is a quick fix. It was nice to use in a series such as these even though there was no distracting color because the primary focus is put on the expressions.

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Same frame size and shape with black and white photos. Very simple grid design. A good starter picture wall.

Such a better alternative to all the creepy pictures of babies cuddling with footballs or all the other weird things I find on Pinterest...

Ideas for clothing to wear for family photography session in the theme 'Winter Warm' and incorporating the colours Red, Navy & Grey.

Find one hundred Old Fashioned & #Classic #Baby #Names that are coming back - Perry, Emory, Warner... Hazel, Cora, Neva