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Israeli Foreign Minister Golda Meir Rare Autograph Letter Signed on her Personal Business Card to long-time friend and early Zionist leader, Baruch Zuckerman. Exceedingly rare Autograph Letter Signed "Golda" as Israeli Foreign Minister, on her 3.75" x 2" business card imprinted in Hebrew "Golda Meir/Foreign Minister." In Hebrew, translated. #50275 $4000

Edward abdication - His Majesty's Declaration of Abdication Act 1936 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

" I predict a personal crisis between Ben-Gurion and Sharett, which could cause a crisis throughout the Government." June 11, 1956 #53629 $4000

The First Woman to Address Congress Responds to the Charge of Rudeness $550

Sarah Grimké Sends a Manuscript $1,200

Belva Lockwood Signed Card $900

The document on the left might look serious, with its curvy calligraphy and concentrated script, but it is really nothing more than a bill. It says, in essence, that by order of the Queen, Marc-Antoine-François-Marie Randon of the Tower, the General Treasurer, is to pay the Monsieur Bonnefoy-Duplan, her launderer, 250 pounds cash (150 for services rendered and 100 for housing). The payment covered the first half of 1783.

A Broadside Rejecting Anti-Suffragist Arguments $995

Pearl Harbor ~ December 7, 1941 my Al was on his way to Pearl habor and left San Francisco on Dec. 6 on Dec 7th they recieved word to turn around and come home.