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You can become a former couch potato. Not only can you get up and get fit, you can become an athlete. Now I am not saying you’ll become a prize-winning athlete, but you can totally transform yourself. And here is the short version of the couch potato’s guide to exercise.

A Couch Potato’s Guide to Exercise: 7 Steps to Change Your Life

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More Sunlight Can Help Your Child’s Eyesight! A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed spending an extra time outdoors reduces the rate of nearsightedness in children.

These pictures stir up so much emotion in me. What a beautiful concept!

"Heaven Was Needing a Hero" A tribute to war widows. God bless our Heaven Deployed Heros and the loved ones who never got their homecoming!

Obama Food Police Propose Sending Daily Text Messages to Fat People Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, April is NOT April Fools Joke

Many people lead a more active life after living through cancer - Why the rise in cancer rates could actually be good news

Why the rise in cancer rates could actually be good news

Have you heard of mind-body walking? It's a practice that's "aerobic mindfulness", allowing you to nurture both your physical and spiritual health at the same time.

If we can stay positive no matter what life throws at us, we have the freedom to change our lives into anything we want them to be.

Keyboarding and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: As a board-certified musculoskeletal specialist physician, one of the more common conditions that I diagnose through nerve-testing, especially in patients who keyboard extensively, is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).


Being overweight or obese is a symptom. The root cause of obesity and overeating is