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“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. ” Ralph Waldo Emerson ‪#‎TheBeautyofWinter‬ ‪#‎DailyNightQuote‬

from Francois et Moi

Merry Weekend

Idealist Mom | Francois et Moi

Red Fox - they eat mostly voles, but will eat small mammals, carrion, insects and fruit - active 2 hours before night until 2 hours after dawn - during the day they sleep in the open but rarely use the same spot twice - territories are 1 to 5 miles - mating is Dec thru March - they dig their own dens and have several to move their pups to - gestation is 52 days - (5-10) young are born from March to May

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Captured in nature, the perfect Christmas card

the north wind doth blow and we shall have snow and what will poor robin do then poor thing...

(Closed) I walk through the forest behind my cabin, the frozen part when I hear you yelling it me. "Hey Raven!" ~Raven

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The Night Before Christmas… (WishWishWish)

Merry Christmas! Whether you’re reading this snuggled on the sofa surrounded by choccies on...

I want to light up the pathway out to the fire pit like this for Christmas so we can take a wintery stroll out in the snow!

OMG, my ideal scenery when going out shopping for some Christmas gifts and maybe a sleigh ride around the town :) I LOVE CHRISTMAS , Especially it's meaning:) CHRISTmas

black cat in winter absolutely exquisite picture of beautiful black cat!!! long admired for their uniqueness, black cats do indeed rule!!! The Best Cat I ever had was black and named Spook!